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Monthly Archives: June 2011

We ALL need healing to some degree.
All who are involved in the perpetual process of –becoming– need to heal past wounds inflicted and sustained.
In order to heal we look within to deepen self-discovery and look without for places and spaces that nourish and cultivate our growth.
We intuitively know to go to water, to mountains, to green spaces to seek solace and soothe our jangled nerves. We know that plugging into the beauty and natural rhythms of the Earth recharges, re-centers and balances us.

Women and girls in particular who have suffered all manner of trauma share the story of the Earth whose body is incessantly violated and desecrated.

To demonstrate compassion toward, work with and address the current travails of the Earth is to honor the vast part of ourselves that is female. Extending compassion to the Earth in gratitude heals us as it heals the planet..

Mother Nature, Mother Earth is our collective mother who gives us life and sustains us all in each moment. So to extend compassion and safeguard the Earth activates our inherent inter-connectedness for the good of our individual and collective wellbeing. Working physically with the soil, spending meditative time in green spaces and proactively working to address the deep wounds that the planet has sustained are healing acts of self-love, love of one another, and gratitude toward the planet which provides the platform for our evolution.