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Monthly Archives: December 2010

The Monrovia Girls’ Wellness Center maximizes its impact through strategic partnerships with:
1) service providers, 2) American Industry, 3) American & Liberian technical assistance experts, 4) Liberian national and international NGOS.

Healing Component

• A team of mental health professionals, traumatologists and holistic health care practitioners is ready to deploy to Liberia to treat girls
• A team of health professionals and systems managers is working on the Center database, and operating procedures to support the Liberia team from the US.
• Chief Prosecutor of the Gender-based Sexual Violence Unit, Special Court E in the Ministry of Justice is prepared to refer girls to the Center
• American herbal products manufacturers are prepared to donate product
• The Rotary International Gift of Life program is making arrangements for Delta Airlines to donate health care practitioner airfares to Monrovia
• Liberian partners in Monrovia have identified properties for the Girls’ Center and practitioner dorm
• The Girls’ Center is networked in Monrovia with five primary NGO partners for referral purposes in the following areas:
~~~2 residential safe-houses for girls and women in crisis
~~~1 literacy and jobs training program
~~~1 medical clinic
~~~1 nursing and trauma training center

Anti-trafficking – Jobs Creation: Organic Medicinal Herb Production

A premier American herbal products manufacturer, has designated the Restoration – Girls Wellness Center as a sourcing site for organic medicinal herbs. Manufacturer’s Global Sourcing Division will help design and oversee the production process from seed to final product to ensure that the product meets the company’s exacting standards.

Vermont organic medicinal herb growers are prepared to structure, train Liberians and participate in all aspects of the agricultural dimension of herbal products manufacturing
• Advisory &Technical Assistance
~~~US Pharmacopea
~~~American Herbal Products Association (AHPA)
~~~University of Liberia: College of Agriculture and Forestry
• NGO Partners: WAYLA is partnered with the consortium of Mission Liberia, and AGRHA an International Agriculture NGO with a West African regional reach