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Monthly Archives: July 2010

The Spotlight Diaspora Alliance – African Heritage Subgroup:

  • is producing a Liberia-focused television show entitled: Halleluiah: Girls & Women United in Healing – Liberia. Distribution plans for the show target, cable television and public access media outlets in American cities where the largest Liberian communities in the US intersect with African American communities.  Education and audience-building are goals of this show in anticipation of a Spotlight on Girls documentary film about Liberian girls and women.

  • will photograph and film the 163rd Liberian Independence Celebration at the Liberian Embassy in Washington DC on July 24th.
  • will film and participate in Friskies Fest 2010 in Philadelphia, PA from August 6-8. The festival is an annual event sponsored by the US-based alumni of the St. Theresa’s Convent (STC) School in Monrovia, who have formed a nonprofit organization called SELF to support Liberian girls’ educational needs. During Friskies Fest, accomplished Liberian women living in Diaspora in the US pay homage to their countrywomen for their achievements and contributions to the Liberian community.
  • interviewed the Honorable Felicia Coleman, Chief Prosecutor for the Gender-based Sexual Violence Unit, Liberian Ministry of Justice for inclusion in an upcoming Spotlight on Girls television show.

  • is in preproduction on a documentary film that tells the –healing stories– of resilient Liberian survivors of systemic gender-based sexual violence perpetrated during and in the aftermath of the civil war; and of a healing project in Liberia that engages women, men and families.

Spotlight on Girls Television & New Media Productions uses broadband distance learning technology to link television crews of American girls with young women around the globe. International partnerships, 1) inform TV crews’ coverage of global girls’ and women’s issues, and 2) spearhead the implementation of collaborative advocacy and media projects in our Diaspora partners’ nations of origin.

Spotlight on Girls Cross-cultural Diaspora Alliance

African Heritage Subgroup – Liberia Brief

OVERVIEW: Women United in Healing Project

1. Enhance the quality of life and opportunities for self-fulfillment among:
•    Liberian girls and women in Liberia
•    Liberian girls and women in Diaspora in the US
•    African American girls and women in Diaspora in the US
2. Inform and build healing bridges between Liberian and African American women.


1.    Enhance self-efficacy, mental and emotional wellness in the  aforementioned groups as critical success

factors underlying:
•    girls’ academic achievement
•    women’s financial independence
•    peacebuilding
2.    Produce a documentary film that chronicles the stories of girls and women involved in the

implementation of Diaspora Alliance work in Liberia to facilitate best practice sharing.


1.    Recruit, train and deploy (from the US) teams of women of color mental health professionals to work in

rotations alongside related NGOs in Liberia.
2.    Ground and sustain Diaspora Alliance work in Liberia through:
•    building local capacity
•    girls and women’s media making on-site
•    regular radio broadcasts
•    cellular phone technology programming
•    television

3.     Support Diaspora Alliance work through networks of Liberian and  African American women in

•    Expatriate social networks, (including electronic networks)

•    University campus women’s groups in cities targeted due to the presence of  large Liberian expatriate

•    University faculty, e.g. African and African American Studies, Women’s Studies

Check out “Mentoring for a Transformed New Jersey” @ Garden State Woman Magazine online. Read about two of Spotlight on Girls’ favorite New Jersey women, Teri Duda and Nancy Drepaul. (Link below)